Gavroche is a character in the 1862 novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and

Robert Madge in the 25th Anniversary Concert.

the 1985 stage adaption of the novel. He is a street urchin who was once a son of Thenardier and appears to be part of the Friends of the ABC. He is shot and killed at the barricade of the 1832 June Rebellion.

Notable PortrayalsEdit

  • Ian Tucker, Oliver Spencer, and Liza Hayden in the original 1985 London stage adaption
  • Adam Searles in the 1995 10th Anniversary Dream Cast Concert
  • Nick Jonas in the 2003 stage adaption
  • Robert Madge in the 2010 25th Anniversary Concert
  • Daniel Huttlestone in the 2012 stage adaption and' movie musical

Featured SongsEdit